Dixon Hall ‘Music For Life’

Dixon Hall is a non-profit organization which runs a music school in downtown East Toronto. They’ve provided over 4500 children with music lessons, and offer instruments for $3/month. To fund their activities, they host the annual fundraiser “Music For Life”.

I created an identity for the fundraiser using elements from Dixon Hall’s logo. The client-supplied photos are all of students from the school.

Prospective attendees were mailed a package which included: a three-fold invite, a ticket purchasing form, and a return envelope. Attendees received a ticket and program guide.

student photos: supplied by client
Jim Cuddy photo: Starfish Entertainment
guitar photo: Simon Farla

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  1. Ayesha

    I work at DH and have seen the old Music For Life invites, and tickets and BOY this goes above and beyond.
    Great work!

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